Are Your Employees Satisfied?

Employee-Opinion-SurveysIt is an important question to ask because if your employees are satisfied then they are more likely to:

  • Recommend the company to others
  • Promote the company where appropriate
  • Engage in organizational citizenship behaviors
    (helping co-workers meet deadlines, etc.)
  • Reduce counterproductive work behaviors
    (absenteeism, etc.)

It is also important to consider that there are certain aspects within the company that the employees can be satisfied with and others that do not please them as much. One of the most effective and direct ways to find
this out is to survey them about different aspects within the workplace. An employee survey gives the organization the opportunity to see how employees really feel about important topics such as leadership, satisfaction, work/life balance, etc. A survey gives employees a chance to express their opinions on important issues and give the organization an insight to how they are truly feeling about certain aspects within the workplace. This can give the employees a sense of control over potential changes within the organization (if they are linked back to the survey when implemented), which also promotes job satisfaction.

Using an employee survey is an effective method of finding this information out because water-cooler talk
and rumors are not always reliable information. By surveying all employees, you can get a good idea of how
the majority of them feel about important aspects within the company. This will allow for a clear direction of
future improvements as well as empowering the employees to feel that their organization listened to their
opinions and considered them. It is also advantageous to hire a third party to conduct your employee survey
because it is confidential and anonymous. That way, employees will feel more comfortable answering the
survey because the information reported to the organization will not contain who participated in the survey
and/or their specific answers.

Overall, organizations can obtain valuable information by using employee opinion surveys and MSEC can help.
Not sure how to start with an employee opinion survey? Contact to discuss what you would like
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