First Quarter Anniversary Classes 2015

​These classes are available to those who received an anniversary email from January 1 through March 31, 2015. You can register employees at a two-for-one rate for any of the eligible seminars. The two employees must be registered for the same seminar to qualify for the discount; however, you may apply this two-for-one rate to any or all of the listed seminars. Some classes are two days and the date listed is the first day of the class. Please call 303.894.6732 for more information.

To receive this special, you must call registration at 303.894.6732 to sign-up for the classes. You cannot take advantage of this promotion by registering online.


Colorado Springs

January 21 – Wage and Hour Workshop 

February 24 – Legal Issues in Managing Employees for Human Resource Professionals


January 21 – Americans with Disabilities Act 

January 21 – Developing and Maintaining Trust in the Workplace

January 22 – Workplace Respect

January 27 – Garnishments and Income Withholding Orders

January 27 – Supervision: Is It For Me?

January 29 – Assertiveness Training for Support Staff

January 30 – Drug and Alcohol: DOT/Federal Motor Carrier Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations

February 3 – Introduction to Organizational Development: A Consultative Approach

February 3 – Performance Management: Managing Employee Development

February 4 – Recruiting: The Strategy and the Tactics 

February 6 – Workers’ Compensation Basics

February 10 – Interviewing and Hiring I

February 10 – Payroll Administration: The Ins and Outs

February 10 – Unemployment Insurance: Challenging the Claims and Controlling the Costs

February 11 – Investigations in the Workplace

February 12 – Leading Teams

February 12 – Lean Basics

February 12 – Legal Issues in Managing Employees for Governments and Special Districts

February 12 – National Labor Relations Act and Non-Union Workplaces: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

February 17 – Lead Worker Training

February 20 – Drug and Alcohol: Substance Abuse: Detection, Drug Testing, and Policy Development

February 23 – Change Management: Building Resiliency

February 25 – Managing in a Multi-Cultural Environment

March 2 – Discrimination in the Workplace: The Law of EEO

March 3 – Advanced Myers-Briggs: MBTI and Stress

March 3 – Motivating Employees from the Inside Out

March 4 – Writing Effective Job Descriptions

March 5 – Benefit Administration: FSA’s, HSA’s, and HRA’s

March 6 – Developing and Maintaining Trust in the Workplace

March 6 – Creativity and Innovation: Inside the Box

March 9 – Affirmative Action and Recruiters: What Recruiters Need to Know

March 10 – COBRA Workshop

March 10 – Negotiation for Win/Win Results

March 12 – Business Essentials

March 12 – Employee Handbooks: Revising or Developing  

March 17 – Compensation Administration II: The Day in the Life of a Comp Professional

March 17 – Practical Tools for Managing the Termination Process

March 17 – Workers’ Compensation: The Advanced Workshop

March 18 – HR Strategic Planning: Building Organizational Capability 

March 19 – Harassment Prevention for Managers and Supervisors 

March 19 – HR Metrics and Analytics: Focusing on What is Important 

March 20 – Ethics for Business: People, Performance, and Principles 

March 24 – Enneagram: Leveraging the Power of Personality 

March 26 – Unions: Managing in a Union Environment: How to Manage, Discipline, and Terminate Union 

Fort Collins

January 22 – Assertiveness Training for Managers

January 27 – Benefit Administration: The Basics from A to Z

February 3 – Managing Stress in the Work Environment

February 18 – Compensation Administration I: Base Pay Design and Development 

February 24 – Americans with Disabilities Act: Managing Disabilities in the Workplace

March 5 – Lead Worker Training