Survey News

Survey News

2014 Paid Time Off Policies Survey – Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming

This biennial survey provides detailed information on topics such as holidays, vacations, and uninsured sick leave. The 582 participants in the survey represent employers located in the seven-county Greater Metropolitan Denver area, Northern Colorado, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, the Western Slope, Colorado Resort Areas, Wyoming, and Arizona. Information in the final report details each geographic area in addition to an All Colorado data line. The following are highlights of the preliminary information.

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Four weeks of paid vacation is the maximum allowed by 35 percent of Colorado survey participants, down from 42 percent in 2012. Twenty-two percent of Arizona and 36 percent of Wyoming participants provide a maximum of four weeks. Arizona shows the highest percentage of employers—30 percent—offering five weeks of vacation. Thirteen percent of Colorado employers allow a maximum of three weeks’ vacation –down slightly from 14 percent in 2012, with Arizona reporting 13 percent and Wyoming 9 percent.

The number of employers using an accrual system versus years of service to determine vacation is up slightly. Forty-seven percent of Colorado participants accrue vacation for their employees monthly, per pay period, or by some other method, compared to 41 percent of participants in 2012. Forty-seven percent of Arizona employers report using accrued vacation time, and Wyoming revealed a large increase of employers converting to accrual systems: 63 percent versus 55 percent reported last time.

Paid-Time-Off Programs (PTO)
The number of employers offering PTO programs, which is a formal plan providing a bank of days to be used by each employee as desired (i.e., holidays, vacation, sick leave) decreased slightly to 36 percent in Colorado, versus 38 percent reported in 2012. Forty-seven percent of participating Arizona employers offer PTO, and Wyoming is at 27 percent.

Part-Time Employees
There is an increase this year in the number of employers offering paid-time-off benefits to their part-time employees. In Colorado, 76 percent offer benefits, up from 64 percent in 2012. Of those offering paid-time-off benefits, the minimum average number of required work hours per week is 23. Among Arizona respondents, 53 percent offer benefits to part-time employees, with responding Wyoming employers at 47 percent.

Military Leave
Thirty-seven percent of responding private-sector employers in Colorado do not pay for a military leave of absence unless the employee chooses to use vacation time. Fifty percent of Arizona and 42 percent of Wyoming employers follow the same practice. Fifteen percent of private organizations in Colorado pay the difference between military pay and the employee’s salary, as do 30 percent in Arizona and 26 percent in Wyoming.

The 2014 Paid Time Off Policies Survey – Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming contains answers to many paid-time-off policy questions and is available to all MSEC members at no charge. This survey is also available online by industry type and employment size.

Notice of Surveys Being Conducted

2015 Personnel Pulse Survey – Arizona, Colorado & Wyoming
The online questionnaire invitation for the Personnel Pulse Survey has been sent to organizations via email with their survey access code. This survey will provide data for topics such as 2014 turnover, job absence rates, and cost of benefits. In addition, 2015 pay increase projections are surveyed.

2015 Benchmark Compensation Survey
The questionnaire for the 2015 Benchmark Compensation Survey for Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming Employers was mailed in early January. This survey includes positions that cross all industries in the following job families: general support, financial, human resources, legal, sales/marketing, engineering, production, procurement, information technology, and executive jobs. We have added 10 new positions in the Sales/Marketing/Editorial job family. There are two retail store positions and eight call center positions.

2015 Public Employers Survey
This survey contains compensation data across several areas of the public sector.  This year, the survey includes Library positions and some additional Fire positions.  This survey collects step pay range information for police and fire positions.

Participants can go to the MSEC website and download the job descriptions, questionnaire rate sheet, and general information form for completion. Click here to go to the surveys questionnaires page at

If you would like to participate in the above surveys and have not received your online access code, please call the Surveys Department. If you prefer to complete a hard copy questionnaire, you can download it from our website at

As always, it is the participation of our members that helps make MSEC surveys the number one data source for the region. Thank you!