The Power of HR Audits

Continuous improvement is at the top of many lists in the first quarter, and your human resource function should not be an exception. A systematic review of the current state of HR practices can help you identify pain points and ensure your people, policies, and programs get the attention they need to thrive.

Conduct periodic HR audits to:

  • Highlight specific opportunities by identifying HR strengths and weaknesses
  • Clarify correct practices for areas you have questions and concerns about
  • Prioritize areas of concern with solid rationale
  • Provide clear indication of conformance to current employment-related legal requirements
  • Minimize risks of employment-related legal claims
  • Facilitate organizational learning and overall quality improvement

A proactive audit of current performance will determine gaps in the quality of HR services, and lead to operating benefits within and beyond HR.

MSEC is pleased to introduce two new HR audit services to our full range of HR reviews. The Half-Day HR Evaluation allows you choose your top three areas of HR compliance and administration concern; we return observations, recommendations, and rationale for how to improve. The HR in a Flash, a do-it-yourself audit, offers the flexibility of a guided internal audit using MSEC online materials, plus a few hours with an HR professional staffing consultant to learn about the audit topics while learning what requires attention.

These new services supplement four longstanding HR audit services meant to discover deficiencies, or discern efficiencies: I-9 Audit, Comprehensive HR Audit, Desk Audit, and HR Assessments. Call 800.884.1328 or email to inquire about which option might be the best fit for your organizational objectives.