Is a Safety Group Right for You?

MSEC offers qualifying members a unique opportunity to participate in a safety group that offers a discount on workers’ compensation insurance premiums, the potential for dividend returns, and expanded resource capabilities.

MSEC’s safety group, called the Workers’ Compensation Dividend Program (WCDP), also offers participants training to provide a superior, behavioral-based safety culture and worksite safety program. MSEC, in collaboration with USI Colorado LLC and Pinnacol Assurance, collectively offer a suite of services tailored to assist participants to achieve their established program goals and maximize dividend return potential. Resources include, but are not limited to, enhanced loss-control and safety training, aggressive claims management, risk analysis, legal services, process/procedure development and implementation, cost-containment guidance, OSHA advocacy, return-to-work assistance, online tools, and safety committee workshops.

The WCDP includes the benefit of direct and regular access to MSEC’s dedicated risk management training staff, as well as MSEC’s experienced attorneys and human resources professionals to address challenging workers’ compensation issues. Support provided during quarterly safety group training sessions is unlimited and not accounted for when tracking member hour usage.

Premium Discount – Participating members receive a group premium credit on their workers’ compensation premium. This additional, upfront premium reduction is unique to safety groups and for many members, completely offsets their annual MSEC membership dues. There is no risk or potential for increased premiums by participating in the WCDP. As is customary of other loss-sensitive programs, premiums in our safety group will never be more than what they would be as a non-participant through Pinnacol.

Dividends – Participating members are automatically enrolled in the group dividend program at no additional cost. Dividend programs offered by Pinnacol outside of our safety group structure require an additional 5 percent dividend plan premium surcharge. Pinnacol waives this surcharge for members of the WCDP, affording our safety group participants additional savings, on top of the upfront premium credit. Dividends are calculated based on the group’s overall loss-to-premium ratio, and distributed to participants who maintain acceptable individual loss-to-premium ratios. An individual dividend program option is available for members whose individual premium is in excess of $30,000, however, the dividend plan surcharge would be assessed. The individual dividend program calculates dividends based solely on that specific member’s loss-to-premium ratio. Participating in either the group or individual dividend program does not preclude members from also obtaining general dividends, if declared by Pinnacol and would be in addition to program dividends as described above.

Expanded Resource Capabilities – Enhanced and more accessible safety and risk management services collectively provided by USI Colorado LLC, Pinnacol, and MSEC. Examples include, but are not limited to, aggressive claims management advocacy, proactive loss prevention and post-accident loss control support, risk analysis reviews, legal support, legislative updates, broad variety of training opportunities, process/procedure best practices, cost containment certification guidance, compliance support, etc.

Interested employers must meet certain criteria to be eligible to participate in MSEC’s safety group. Participants must be active members of MSEC. Members must meet specific loss eligibility criteria and guidelines to be considered for and to remain eligible for the WCDP. Each participant must also attend at least two quarterly safety training meetings (only one representative from each member company is required to attend), implement a return-to-work program, and designate/utilize Pinnacol’s SelectNet network providers. Participants must also use USI Colorado LLC as their insurance broker for workers’ compensation insurance and Pinnacol Assurance as their workers’ compensation insurer.

USI Colorado LLC (formerly Van Gilder Insurance) is the exclusive insurance partner for the WCDP program. Contact Patrick Lewis at 303.831.5184 or Jennifer Vold at 800.884.1328 or email for more information.