Keeping Handbooks Current is a Challenge

Respondents from a recent survey conducted by XpertHR said keeping their handbooks current with an evolving workplace and workforce was a major challenge. The second biggest challenge they identified was keeping the handbook current with the law. The vast majority of respondents stated that human resources was responsible for updating and maintaining their handbooks.

MSEC notes that as guidelines and benefits change, it is important to update the employee handbook and to inform employees of the changes in a timely manner. Handbooks should normally be reviewed every one to two years. In this particular survey, 78 percent of respondents indicated having updated their handbook within the past two years.

A handbook that is outdated or assembled by a well-intentioned executive with no human resources expertise can actually do more harm than good. MSEC maintains many resources for assisting members with keeping handbooks current with the law and your evolving workplace. Contact MSEC for assistance with your handbook or for a handbook review.