Taking Care of Business: Talent

Is talent among your top concerns in 2015? A robust economy means hiring is picking up. Employees are tempted to leave, and competition for the best candidates to replace them is fierce. Improved stock performance means more employees retiring sooner, draining away institutional memory and skills. MSEC offers a wide range of services to help members address this “double whammy.” Here’s an overview of MSEC Library resources to consult for each stage of the Talent Cycle.

Does your organization stand out enough to attract the talent it needs to achieve its objectives? Transparency is a reality for all organizations, and thanks to social networking and online searches, there is nowhere to hide. It is no longer enough to have a pretty recruiting website and a recruiter’s lip service about being a great company to work for. Community reputation, live and virtual, is fueled by corporate culture. That is largely driven by individual behaviors, one-on-one in the workplace. Today it takes a mastery of both high-touch and high-tech competencies to stand out from the competition. Excelling in one may not be enough. Boost your know-how with Library resources like these:

  • Books like “Good to Great” and “The Next IQ (for 21st Century Leaders)”
  • Journals like Organizational Dynamics

Training, coaching, and mentoring all staff is a good investment if done correctly. It can fill skills gaps across your organization when external candidates are scarce due to lower labor force participation and marketplace competition. Do you have the in-house knowledge and skills to facilitate internal skills growth? Are your supervisors prepared? How do you know where to start? Try one of these:

  • Many journal articles provide concise tips, great for busy supervisors and managers.
  • Books such as “FYI: For Your Improvement” and “The Crowd Sourced Performance Review” offer triedand-
    true methods as well as new options for developing staff.

Demographics is destiny. Millennials are here and make up a larger share of the workforce and labor pool.
Keeping them engaged and productive requires a new approach. Talented millennials seek employers who
provide career paths, opportunities to learn, and flexibility in benefits, work schedules, and locations. They are willing to accept lower salary levels for employment with authentic “walk the talk” organizational cultures.
How does your organization provide this? How is it communicated? For new ideas, try these books:

  • Flex: Managing Across Differences
  • Loyalty 3.0

As Baby Boomers retire in greater numbers and are replaced by Gen Xers and Millennials, strategic workforce
planning will be essential. Who will your leaders be? What skills will your organization need? How will you
know your business’s needs over the next 10 years? Understanding business trends in order to tackle them is
essential in this age of continuous technological disruption. Succession planning is an effective approach to
business continuance. MSEC Library materials and research services help members plan for success.
Whatever business you need to take care of in 2015, contact me to discuss how to make the most of your
membership resources: jmcdonough@msec.org or call 800.884.1328.