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Survey News2015 Average Pay Increase Projections are higher than Projected in September 2014

MSEC regularly surveys Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming employers on pay increase projections. In August/September 2014, 444 employers responded to the question, “What is the total percentage increase in pay (including merit, general, longevity, cost-of-living) that the ‘average’ or ‘typical’ employee is projected to receive in 2015?”

When we recently asked Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming employers in the 2015 Personnel Pulse Survey to update their 2015 salary projections, 169 organizations responded. Preliminary results from the survey indicate employers are now projecting a higher average pay increase for the typical employee in 2015 versus what was reported in the Planning Packet Survey in September of 2014. Following are projections based on employee category for the geographic areas surveyed.




The mode – the most commonly occurring percent in the sample – for Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming employers in September 2014 was 3 percent. Forty percent of Arizona employers reported 3 percent compared to 44 percent of Colorado and Wyoming employers. In February 2015, the mode was also 3 percent reported by 73 percent of Arizona organizations and 41 percent of Colorado and Wyoming employers.

When collecting these data in September 2014 and February 2015, we also asked employers if these projections were “Already Approved/Firm.” 







Regional Comparison

Following are the average projected 2015 pay increases by geographic location collected in September 2014 versus February 2015:












MSEC will update 2015 pay increases in the Benchmark Compensation Survey for Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming employers. These data will be available early June.