Putting HR on the Fast Track

One of my greatest professional joys is working with HR managers who are either new to the profession or new to an organization. In our first meeting, they often ask me what they should focus on and how MSEC can help. These four areas always come to mind:

1.  Take a look at the competition. By competition, I mean salary and benefits paid by your competitors. Retaining employees is a top priority for the c-suite, and it’s important to know what others are offering. While some may go to survey.com, be careful. Those results are not validated and may not be accurate. MSEC validates its survey data, which are available online at MSEC.org, and our surveys staff can help you with extracts and other tools.

2.  Train managers. One of the best predictors of an employee’s engagement and retention is his or her manager. Most of us are promoted because we are good at our current job, not because we were born to manage. Leaders can be made—if not born—and training is essential. Not only are supervisory skills important, but in this day and age managers need to know how their actions can create or limit legal liability. We have a host of classes for managers, supervisors, and leaders to help them develop professionally and understand the essentials of legal compliance.

3.  Update job descriptions. Job descriptions are key. They not only ensure that duties are well understood by both the manager and employee, but also provide information to determine the essential functions of a position for purposes of the American with Disabilities Act. One of my favorite things to show on our website is the job description creator through CCHAnswers Now. We can also help you by reviewing job descriptions to make sure you are preparing the job to your best advantage.

4.  Classifying employees correctly. One of the most common employer mistakes is misclassifying employees as exempt when they should be nonexempt. Attorneys know this, and late-night television is rife with commercials targeted to misclassified employees. We have written guidelines on proper classification, plus lawyers who can help you. We can also come to you and audit all of your positions.

If I can help get you on the fast track, give me a call at 800.884.1328 or email salexander@msec.org.