How to Hire the Google Way

For the sixth year in a row, Google has claimed the number-one spot on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. In addition to providing interesting work, Google is known for its amazing benefits, including paid leave for new parents, onsite fitness centers, and free gourmet food and snacks. It’s no wonder Google receives more than two million resumes annually.

So what does it take to get one of the 40,000 jobs at Google? There are four simple principles used for all Google hiring, according to a new book by Google’s senior vice president of people operations, Laszlo Bock, titled Work Rules! They are:

  • Set an uncompromisable high standard. Before recruiting starts, decide on the attributes a great candidate would bring to the team, and no matter how long it takes, never compromise.
  • Find candidates on your own. At Google, outside recruiters and job boards like Monster are used only sporadically. Instead, managers are encouraged to leverage LinkedIn, professional associations, past employees, and current employees with big networks.
  • Put checks in place to assess candidates objectively. Peers, subordinates, and managers participate in making hiring decisions to increase unbiased assessment of candidates’ capabilities.
  • Provide candidates with a reason to join. Even for Google, pay and benefits don’t land every candidate. Interesting work and a chance to make a difference count even more.

Bock reports that these principles have increased hiring efficiency and resulted in better hires and a better workplace. The next time you have an open position, consider incorporating one or more of these steps into your hiring process and see if you get similar results.