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Survey NewsEmployee Turnover Rates Higher in 2014

MSEC asked employers to report their employee turnover rates in the annual Personnel Pulse Survey. This survey contains information from five Arizona, 179 Colorado, and seven Wyoming organizations. Most geographic locations reported a higher turnover rate for 2014 than reported for 2013. The exceptions were the Colorado Western Slope, Pueblo, and Wyoming, where the turnover rates declined. Listed below are the 2013 and 2014 turnover rates displayed by geographic areas. 


Survey Chart 1







Participants were asked about the employees that left voluntarily (Employee Initiated) and the reasons given for their decision to separate from the organization. According to the survey, the top three reasons employees leave their job are:

Survey Chart 2





There is not much employers can do about losing employees due to relocation. But employers can take steps to reduce the turnover rate of employees taking new jobs by reviewing their applicant screening process, orientation process, and pay and benefits for changes that might persuade employees to stay with the organization.

In addition to asking employers about separation rates, we asked about the average length of service of their separated employees. The following chart shows the average length of service for non-exempt and exempt employees who left the organization.

 Survey Graph 1

We have analyzed lots of survey data relating to employee separation. Now let’s turn the focus to current employees. This next chart shows the average tenure of current employees in the organization. These data are displayed by geographic location and exempt and non-exempt employees. As you can see from the chart, Arizona has the lowest All Employee tenure rate at 4.9 years in comparison to Colorado at 7.5 and Wyoming at 7.7 years.

 Survey Graph 2 

For more in-depth information on turnover, tenure, job absence, and cost of benefits, please see the full report of the 2015 Personnel Pulse Survey on the MSEC website.

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Industry Survey Time! Look for the following survey questionnaires in the coming months.

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 If you would like to participate in any of the above surveys and have not received a questionnaire, please contact the Surveys Department.