Benefits of Volunteering

It was national volunteer week last week, and more and more employers are encouraging employees to spend some of their work time volunteering.  Why is that?  Really there is a triple benefit.

Nonprofit organizations and the community benefit from those willing to give back.  Vegetables get picked, food gets served, houses get built, resumes get reviewed, and clothing is sorted.  Those being helped have a chance to get on their feet and contribute more fully to their community.  Communities that pull together have greater success, which can lead to success for businesses in that community.

Employees benefit from doing good work in the community. There is nothing quite like giving to others.  When volunteering is a team event, a closer bond develops between employees who are doing something that they can really feel good about.  This feeling and bond carry over into the workplace to make a stronger team that employees enjoy being a part of.

Employers who support employees to volunteer are viewed more favorably.  It’s not only employees who view their employer more favorably.   Clients and customers respond positively to hearing that a company they use is a good citizen.  It’s also true that employees looking to work for a good company want to work for one that is involved in community activities.  This is a recruiting tool when looking for good candidates who want to come, work, and stay at your organization.

Do you have a volunteer program for your employees?  If you do that is great. If you don’t, let us help you set one up.