Take Them to Work!

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day is Thursday, April 23. This event, founded in 1993 to give girls confidence to remain in school to better pursue long-term employment goals, continues to focus on educating and inspiring children on career opportunities. The target audience is ages 8 to 18. If you are participating, consider the following tips to make it a success:

  • Plan

The goal is to educate and inform while keeping the kids entertained. Ideally, children won’t be on electronics while their parents work. Consider structured activities under an hour in length that highlight many different facets and jobs in your organization. This website offers many different suggestions. At a minimum, a tour of your organization can highlight different functions from payroll to operations.

  • Discuss Expectations

Make sure both employees and children know what to expect and what the rules are. If there are areas that are off limits for visitors, designate and communicate those. Employees need to know there will be children present and parents need to remain accountable for them.

  • Consider Safety and Liability Issues

Do a safety inspection of your workplace before the event, watching for hazards to youth in particular. Make sure kids understand safety rules and what to do in case of an emergency. Check with your general liability insurer or broker to confirm you have the appropriate insurance coverage or are otherwise protected.

  • Have fun!

Remember this event should be a fun opportunity to educate kids about the benefits of work in your organization and perhaps groom them as future employees.