Member Best Practices: Wellness Fair at the Rockies

Recently I spoke with Melanie James, Human Resources Administrator at the Colorado Rockies, an MSEC member. She was instrumental in launching a wellness program in January of 2015, which she and others began planning in June of 2014.

The first step the Rockies took was to assess the needs of the employee population so that its wellness program would be a good match, and they did this through an employee survey. As you can imagine, a significant portion of the employee population is already fit and takes care of their physical health. At the same time Ms. James wanted to reduce absenteeism, injuries and illness, and determined that as there is always room for improvement in the areas of health wellness and a healthy culture. It may surprise you to know that Rockies employees range in age from 23 to 80. Additionally, most employees have been at Rockies for at least ten years.

The Rockies’ wellness committee is comprised of 20 employees who represent all departments in the organization. Out of this committee came the vision, mission statement, brand, logo, and an email address specific to the program. Videos, signs, and other collateral are being used to describe wellness: physical, emotional, mental, environmental, financial, and social.

On January 14, 2015, the Rockies held their first annual health fair for employees, featuring a biometric screening, along with the opportunity to meet a variety of vendors working with the Rockies on employee wellness, including:

Anschutz Wellness Center

University of Colorado Health’s pharmacy disposal service

Orange Theory Fitness

Zo Salon

Volunteers of America Boys and Girls Club

They also went over benefit offerings with a question and answer session, and employees had the chance to speak with retirement advisors who could look at their individual accounts. Wells Fargo was there to help employees with basic financial questions, along with the EAP provider.

Employees received a card that was stamped at each table. If the card was stamped by each station the employee was entered in a prize drawing. Ms. James received very positive response from the vendors, commenting that they enjoyed the fair and were impressed by the employee engagement. Other wellness sessions are in the works for 2015, including onsite yoga, massage, health care insurance seminars, and lunch & learns to include everything from navigating a children’s hospital to financial training with budget basics.

Ms. James is just one example of human resources making a difference in the lives of employees and for the benefit of the employer. If you have any such examples, please let me know. I would love to feature more members like Ms. James in MSEC’s Workplace Matters Magazine. Call me at 800.884.1328 or email