The Positive Impact of Employee Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs.BlogEmployee volunteer programs (EVP) benefit all involved: the recipients of the volunteer effort, the communities served, the individuals offering their time and service, and last but not least, EVPs benefit the companies that employ such programs. 

You may wonder how employers can benefit from EVPs when employees generally need to be away from work to volunteer. If you haven’t really given this question a lot of thought, you may be surprised to learn that employers who employ well-managed EVPs generally experience the following benefits:

  • A reduction in absenteeism
  • An increase in employee morale and engagement
  • A strong tool for recruiting and retaining employees; especially the X and Y generations
  • An increased spirit of teamwork
  • An increase in employee loyalty
  • Development of employees’ skills; specifically, those related to professionalism and leadership
  • An increase in brand awareness and a positive brand image in the community and markets served
  • An enhanced feeling of unity within the organization

Employees also benefit from EVPs. How, you ask?  Experts and those who have instituted EVPs in their own companies state that employees generally realize the following:

  • Occasional time away from the office without income loss
  • Opportunities to get involved in their communities
  • A greater feeling of contentment 
  • An opportunity to network with employees and/or others in the community
  • Opportunity to strengthen current skills and/or develop new skills
  • Improved performance at work, which may lead to increases in recognition, in salary, and, quite possibly, in the number of promotions received

This all sounds great, and now you want to get started, right? Before you do, get senior management on board. Their support will go a long way toward making your program a success. Also, consider your company’s culture, values, and goals to develop a volunteer program that will be in keeping with the priorities of your organization. As a final thought, be sure to consult employees to determine the particular organizations they wish to support. Surveys and focus groups are excellent ways to get their valuable opinions!