From the MSEC Library: Pain Points

Judging by what our members tell us, taking care of business in 2015 is full of pain!

Feeling your pain and anticipating your needs, MSEC has secured a treasure trove of fresh ideas to help you thrive despite these challenges. Cleverly disguised as books, they’ll inspire and fortify your brain. Tackle your organization’s pain points after reading a new book from the MSEC Library!

Surveys indicate effective leadership is a top challenge. Sound familiar?

On The Edge – The Art of High Impact Leadership: Required reading for Wharton MBA students to prepare them for extremely challenging conditions in their professional and personal lives.

Start with Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action: Author Simon Sinek’s TEDxTalk “Why?” at has over 21 million views. Take a look and then check out this book!

Give And Take: Can helping others drive our success? What are the implications for leaders and their organizations?

Data-Driven Analysis
Many people either fear or hate math, yet it is a useful skill set in our “Big Data” economy. Be brave and boost your brain with these books:

Data Science for Business: Required reading assigned by faculty at MIT and Northwestern to provide MBA students with an essential understanding of Big Data and practical applications to business.

How Not To Be Wrong – The Power of Mathematical Thinking: When your CEO asks you to justify your HR budget requests, mathematical thought processes can help you prepare.

Thinking Fast and Slow: When is it ok to trust your gut instincts? Read this book and learn more about effective decision-making skills.

Talent Management
Experienced staff are retiring; high performers are leaving for other jobs; new employees are disengaged.
Maximizing employee performance is an urgent priority, but how?

Managers as Mentors: Easy to read, chock-full of practical tips and tools, this could inspire all managers to grow the next generation of leaders.

Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: “Grow your own” talent is considered an essential objective for a sustainable business. Become a Master Career Gardener with this easy read.

Organizational Culture and Leadership: Can culture attract and retain the talent your organization needs to succeed? Read and decide for yourself.

Until robots take over, effective interpersonal communication drives business success. Improve yours!

Thanks For The Feedback – The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well: Are you always right? Me too. That’s why we both need to read this book!

To Sell Is Human: Did you know that 100 percent of Americans are in sales? This book about effective communications and interpersonal skills may open new doors for you.

Gain often follows pain—for organizations and individuals alike—as they seek success.

Scaling Up Excellence: To nurture their brood of future high-tech start-up billionaires, Stanford MBA professors make this required reading.

Mindset – The New Psychology of Success: This book offers to help you achieve “great accomplishment in every area” of your life. Who can resist that offer?

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: Need help growing into a new role at your organization? Discover the “20 workplace habits you need to break,” and lots more practical advice.

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