Happy Bike To Work Day 2015!

Today is Bike To Work Day in Denver and many employers are providing breakfast and balloons to celebrate their road warrior employees.  Why all the fuss? Not only is cycling good for the health (and pocketbooks) of employees, it is good for their employers. Bicycling promotes good health, cleaner air and reduced traffic congestion. It can also be a powerful lure for Millennials who, per this study by the Pew Charitable Trust, are attracted by bicycle-friendly communities. Likewise, employers who are cycling friendly will stand out to this group.

So when Bike to Work day hoopla ends, what else can employers do to encourage biking to work? Consider these ideas:

  • Provide secure indoor bike parking. Many people don’t bike to work for fear of having their bike stolen or vandalized at an outside rack. Tour your building and see what empty, underutilized spaces could be used!
  • Lockers and showers are needed by sweaty cyclists to freshen up before work.
  • Offer flexible scheduling. Cycling to work earlier to avoid peak traffic times is safer and more pleasant.
  • Add emergency bike repair service to your benefits. Mobile bike repair service is a relief when a flat tire greets your employee at the end of the day!
  • Cyclist education. Host a lunch and learn, buy pizza and invite guest speaker(s) on the topic of bicycle safety. Invite drivers, too, to foster better driving habits around cyclists.
  • Lobby local civic leaders for improved road planning to keep cyclists safe.
  • Talk to your employees and see what their bicycle commuting needs are! Showing you care is a great opportunity to boost engagement.