Attracting and Retaining Millennials

At the Millennial Majority, a June 3 event conducted at MSEC targeted directly at Millennials and understanding the Millennial generation, we asked what employers should include in onboarding to make them want to work at and remain with an organization. Here were their responses:

  • Flexible schedule/telecommuting/work-life balance
  • Constant feedback regarding their performance
  • Specific benefits they value (lots of PTO, bring dogs to work, tuition reimbursement, gym membership reimbursement, etc.)
  • Access to a bright and modern creative space to take a break when stressed
  • Freedom to express themselves in a variety of ways
  • Competitive pay
  • Opportunities for growth, both within the organization and personal
  • Ability to work at an organization with a strong reputation
  • Feeling of belonging to the organization and sense of value by the organization
  • Opportunity to get to know others within the organization on a one-to-one basis; establishing trusting relationships

An expanded article on the results of our Millennium-centric event will appear in an upcoming issue of MSEC’s Bulletin.