Recruiting Tune-Up

Millennials are now the largest demographic group of applicants, and recruiting this group requires a new approach. Is your recruiting vehicle up to the challenge? This summer, look under the hood and start a diagnosis with this question: How effectively are we finding talent? MSEC research offers this recruiting checklist to help you successfully compete for a shrinking pool of qualified applicants:

CHASSIS AND ENGINE: Is your recruiting housed in rusty old technology? Outdated systems are clunkers that bog recruiting down, repelling desirable candidates who are hired by nimbler competitors. Rev things up with cloud systems. Mobile, smooth interfaces with onboarding/HRIS systems will avoid timewasting, duplicative tasks.

Curb Appeal: If your organization does not attract attention and excite passersby, you are a hard sell.
Today’s best candidates are passively, not actively searching for work, and are drawn to organizations by
reputation, networks, and online connections. Tinker with your website and social media: make it userfriendly, authentic, accurate, engaging. Prove diversity is welcomed with pictures and videos of real employees of different ages, skin colors, and genders. Applicants will be drawn to “THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK!”

Steering Alignment: Identify who drives recruiting at your organization. Give them the keys, provide
support, and hold them accountable for two basic tasks. Task 1: Alignment between hiring managers, HR, and recruiters on processes and the essential skills/attributes of qualified applicants. Task 2: Develop and execute a recruiting strategy they drive forward (see GPS).

Bells and Whistles: If you’re a Honda Civic and not a Little Red Corvette, embrace and celebrate that! Each model reflects a company culture that attracts a unique driver, so leverage your strengths and explain them to applicants.

Road Feel: No one likes a bumpy ride, so test out your job application process. Burdensome online application systems discourage applicants, especially millennials who prefer a mobile app option. Is your interview process respectful with trained interviewers? Do you regularly communicate with applicants and update them? Offer applicants a chance to kick the tires by offering a test drive experience (shadowing, internship or similar) to encourage a good fit.

GPS: If you don’t know where you are going or what you’re really looking for, pull over and recalibrate! Successful recruiting requires a strategy with clearly defined goals.

Dashboard: Accurate measurements of key recruiting efforts (advertising, job fairs, referral bonuses, etc.)
keep you on track. Measure to identify and expand what works, ditch what doesn’t!

Sticker Shock: Budget carefully with a focus on strategic efforts to identify and attract the right candidate
for specific jobs. Throwing a wide net hoping to snare a good catch is costly and ineffective. Be prepared
with accurate and timely salary data to talk numbers with applicants. Today’s best talent does not come

Baggage: Is there junk in your trunk? Dump what you can and start fresh and light. Community Reputation and Organizational Culture may be helpful or a hindrance; prepare to discuss openly and candidly past (or current) problems with applicants. Strive for authenticity: replace glossy stock images with photos of real employees and actual offices, facilities. Applicants research companies and know the real deal; they’ll respect honesty over PR “messaging.”

Rearview Mirror: Leave behind comfortable but outdated processes and expectations. Focus on where
you need to go.

Passengers: When all employees are aware of job opportunities within your organization and rewarded
for referrals, their networking will keep you running on all cylinders!

Books to help, available for checkout from the MSEC Library:
• Who: The A Method for Hiring
• Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers From Everybody Else

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