Are You Ready for the Future of HR?

Future of HR.BlogAccording to HR guru David Ulrich, the future HR professional will also be an analyst, business partner, consultant, coach, leader, innovator, strategist, technologist, and more. Yikes! Here are a few tips that will help you be successful in all of your future HR roles.

Know the business – To truly add value, HR needs to understand the business. From an internal perspective, you should know how the business makes money, the measures of business success, expectations of shareholders, and business strategy. Don’t forget about the ever-changing external factors that affect the business, too! These include trends and changes in society, technology, economics, politics, the environment, and demographics. Understanding business from both an internal and external perspective will allow HR to be an active contributor by asking insightful questions and developing alternatives regarding talent, culture, and the leadership required to interpret and enact strategy.

Understand your data – When you run reports, analyze and understand the information. What story do the data tell? For example, if the majority of new employees leave your organization within six to 12 months, you may have an opportunity to improve your orientation/onboarding process. Once you understand what the data are telling you, you can make thoughtful, data-driven recommendations.

Apply business acumen – Once you know the business, speak the language! HR professionals can add value by using business terms. If you are always using HR ratios and lingo when making recommendations or relaying information, your leadership may have a tough time listening. However, if you are speaking the same business language (especially dollar signs!) they will always pay attention.

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