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Survey News.BlogPay & Pay Structure Increase Projections Online

2015 pay and pay structure increases are available, as well as 2016 projections. They can be accessed online on the surveys page through the MSEC website at  The chart below displays the most recently collected data in the 2015 Benchmark Compensation Surveys. The 2016 projections will also be updated in the 2015 Planning Packet Survey published in September.



Average Projection Increases














Plan for the Planning Packet!

Believe it or not, it’s almost time to start the 2016 budget planning process! Part of this process includes determining pay increases for employees in the upcoming year. What are other employers budgeting for 2016 pay increases? Participate in the 2015 MSEC Planning Packet questionnaire to report your organization’s projected 2016 pay increases. Your organization should have received an email to participate in the survey in July. If not, go to survey questionnaires at and select the Planning Packet questionnaire to download. Results of the survey will be available in September.

Notice of Surveys

2015 Public Employers Compensation

The 2015 Public Employers Compensation Survey is now available on MSEC’s website. The 2015 edition of the survey contains two separate reports (Individual and Aggregate).

The Public Employers Compensation Survey: Individual Organization Report contains data displayed by individual organization for City and County Governments, Parks & Recreation Districts, Public Library Districts, and Fire Department/Districts only. In addition, this report includes the general information data such as pay practices for police and fire positions, as well as other position-specific data.

The Public Employers Compensation Survey: Aggregate Report contains data displayed by aggregate results for City and County Governments, Public and Private Utility, Parks & Recreation Districts, Public Library Districts, Fire Department/District, and Other Organizations. This report does not contain general information data. This report now also contains the Utilities Compensation report.

The chart below displays the participant analysis of organizations who reported data in the 2015 Public Employers Compensation Survey. The largest percentage of the sample is the Utility breakout at 28 percent, which is followed closely by Counties at 24 percent of the sample.

Participant Analysis










To request a copy of these surveys, please contact the MSEC Surveys Department at 800.884.1328 or 303.223.5490. Copies of these resources are available to authorized personnel of MSEC members.

Renewing Your Company’s Health Insurance Coverage?

The 2015 Health & Welfare Survey collects information on average costs of premiums for your employees, in addition to more specific plan details such as prescription drug coverage, etc.  This survey also collects information on In and Out-of-Network Coverage, Health Care Reform, Dental Coverage, STD, LTD, Retirement Plans, and benefit coverage for part-time employees.