MSEC Speakers Bureau

  • When your grandmother grew up she could smoke marijuana legally. Today, so can your Colorado employees. What can you do as an employer?
  • Robot employees are in your future; are you ready to manage them alongside humans?
  • Predicting employee behaviors, like who will quit and when, may become a reality with new analytical tools driven by Big Data. How can you benefit?
  • Expanding from Cheyenne to Shanghai? What will you need to do differently to recruit, manage, and retain successful employees?
These are the kinds of topics covered by the MSEC Speakers Bureau. We provide our members topical expertise via presentations on employment law, HR, employee development, and total rewards survey data for conferences, trade meetings, panel discussions, forums, and association events.

With a broad range of speakers from HR professionals to attorneys to organizational development experts, MSEC is ready to deliver presentations that meet your specific needs. As an added bonus, for many of our presentations, attendees are eligible to receive CEU, CLE, and SHRM credits.

Just give us a call so we can discuss the objectives and logistics for your upcoming event. Any fees or expenses will be determined for each specific engagement. Sample topics from our Speakers Bureau include:

  • Marijuana in the Workplace
  • The Future of HR
  • HR Analytics
  • Global HR
  • Millennials in the Workforce

For more information on the MSEC Speakers Bureau or to request a speaker, please contact Paula Henry, Membership Development Manager, at 800.884.1328 or

One final example. Which generation active in your workplace grew up listening to these lyrics?

“People try to put us down
Just because we get around
Things they do look awful cold
Hope I die before I get old.”

It depends! If you’re a Boomer, you know The Who wrote and sang “My Generation” back in 1965. If you’re a Gen X’er, the 1991 cover by Green Day may have come to mind. And if you’re a Millennial, you may have started humming the 2004 cover by Hilary Duff. All correct!