Putting the Candidates to the Test

It is important to collect relevant information about the candidates you consider hiring. Testing is often overlooked in favor of more traditional methods, such as interviews, resume review, and background checks. But evaluating your candidates with appropriate, valid, reliable, and relevant tests and assessments can provide valuable insight into your potential candidates’ skills and behaviors, and ultimately, their job performance and success.

Mountain States Employers Council has a wide variety of affordable tests and assessments that can be easily administered to your candidates to give you an edge in hiring. If you are not sure which test is best for your situation, don’t worry! We will tailor our recommendations to your circumstances, based on the position you’re hiring for. We can also provide you with demos of our products to help you find the ones that best meet your organization’s needs. Our tests and assessments can be used for a variety of different jobs and positions (for example, administrative, management, medical, accounting, etc.) All are administered electronically,  and the results are available within 24 hours of completion.

There will always be an element of luck in every hiring decision. But science can help minimize the role of chance in your employees’ success. Contact MSEC’s Pre-Employment Screening specialists at 800.884.1328  for more information.