A Winning Season Game Plan!

Fantasy Football season is here and more popular than ever with an estimated 37.5 million players. Many employees play on company time, costing employers $16 BILLION in lost productivity. Zoinks! With stats like that, perhaps your organization should go on the offense and block employees from playing on company time? Time out!

Before putting the smackdown on employees and sending them to the bench, let’s consider the wild card of human behavior. Neuroscience shows the human brain needs a time out from intense workouts to remain energized and attentive. Such “brain breaks” promote “free association” and heightened creativity. This helps people tackle problems, connect the dots on the playing field in new and unique ways, sparking innovations that benefits the organization. First down!

Employers can use Fantasy Football leagues to build positive workplace relationships, improve morale and engage teammates. Surveys show these are best defenses against losing team spirit and retaining MVPs. To cross the goal line and dance in the end zone, huddle up!

  • Organize company-wide leagues. Provide an opportunity to connect players (staff) from all levels of your organization and celebrate as one team.
  • Draft a game plan. Balance all the fun and camaraderie of football season with commitment to achieving organizational goals. Paid time abuse is out of bounds. Blow the whistle on excuses like “I didn’t meet my goal because of Fantasy Football season”! Hold players accountable for results and coach as necessary
  • Make it fun. Host team t-shirt Fridays and tailgater pot lucks. Award winning teams a fun trophy.
  • Engage community. Consider using player “buy in” fees as a way to raise money for a designated charity. Communicate to players the specific ways their money will help.
  • Lessons are learned on the field that can inspire players in the workplace. Encourage staff to post about winning teamwork and individual acts that contributed to team victory. Leaders may use this to share thoughts about teams and connect with employees.
  • Post photos of your FFL on internal and external social media sites. Highly-skilled “passives” might be impressed by your team spirit and come to work for your company.

Regardless of which teams win on the field, Fantasy Football season can be a big win for both employees and the organization. Touchdown!