Five Things About Forte Information Resources

  1. Forte is a full-service technical communications company that specializes in advancing the strategic presentation of data for health care and other technical industries. What does that mean? They make complex technical information accessible to a nontechnical audience.
  2. One of their core competencies is that they work directly with HR departments to streamline and simplify how they communicate with employees across the country and around the globe. Their HR communication solutions include eReaders, apps, websites, microsites, feedback tools and intranet sites—all created to help teams stay up-to-date quickly and effectively.
  3. Forte publishes the nationally renowned Sanofi Managed Care Digest Series®, marking its 30th year in 2016. This annual series of Digests includes data on and strategic analysis of the major components of health care, in addition to up-to-date and comprehensive chronic disease data sets.
  4. Forte is proud to have provided final report production services for the past 12 years for the Evaluation of the TRICARE Program: Report to Congress. TRICARE is the premier health benefits program of the Department of Defense, serving 9.5 million Active Duty Service members, National Guard and Reserve members, retirees, and qualifying family members. The Report is Congressionally mandated.
  5. They work hard for our clients! And consume a lot of coffee in the process—a combined 1,480 oz of coffee per week. Since they are data people, they also have to note that just 17.6% of their staff (three people) account for 41.9% of the total coffee volume consumed.