Are You Underutilizing Your Membership?

The Member Satisfaction Index (MSI) that was conducted in April 2015 was the tenth time that MSEC has asked members to evaluate the services that are offered so that MSEC may improve what is offered to meet our member’s needs. One theme of the MSI that we like to improve upon each time is to continue to let our members know about the wide variety of services that MSEC is able to offer both included in membership as well as in addition to membership. This continues to be a challenge of letting our members know all of the services that we provide.

For example, 10 percent of our members who filled out the MSI did not know that we provide Survey Resources (such as salary surveys, which are included in membership) and 17% did not know that we provide Interim/ Project Based HR Support.

  • There are also a lot of services that are offered through our website that our members are not aware of that include:
  • Health Care Reform Learning Zone
  • Performance Management
  • CCH Answers now

There were many services that MSEC offers that are included in membership that member’s weren’t aware of that include:

  • Recruitment / Selection Advice
  • Outplacement Guidance •  Workforce Planning Guidance
  • Civil Right Consultation / Representation
  • OSHA Assistance / Representation
  • Safety and Health Services
  • Workers’ Compensation Assistance
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution / Representation
  • Annual Planning Packet – Pay Projections

There were also many services that MSEC offers for an additional fee that member’s weren’t aware of that include:

  • Drug Testing Services
  • Outplacement Services / Career Transition Services
  • Retirement Readiness Support
  • 360 Assessment Tool
  • Immigration Via Representation
  • Workers’ Compensation Dividend Program
  • Facilitation Services
  • Succession Planning
  • Strategic Planning Services
  • Coaching Services
  • Mediation Services
  • Training Needs Assessment

If you have a question and/or need involving something with your employees, please give MSEC a call  and we will most likely be able to help. If MSEC does not have a service that will accommodate your needs, we can guide you in the right direction to obtain help elsewhere.