Leveraging LinkedIn to Build Your Company’s Employment Brand

Leveraging LinkedIn.EmailChances are good you’re one of the 100-plus-million people with a LinkedIn profile in the United States and perhaps you’ve taken steps to round out your profile with skills, keywords, and other information designed to build your professional brand.

Has your organization, however, done the same with its company page? Earlier this year, Forbes magazine reported that 57 percent of companies use a company page on LinkedIn, and a recent Society for Human Resource Management survey noted that over one-half of organizations found new employees through LinkedIn. So the case for enhancing your company page on LinkedIn, the most popular social recruiting network, is a compelling one.

Employment branding is a long-term strategy to build awareness of your organization as a good place to work, especially among high-potential applicants. Your LinkedIn company page is but one component of a comprehensive branding plan, but managed well, it will augment your company’s career website and the positive perceptions of key stakeholder groups, including future employees.

Here are some steps to get started:

  • Partner with your marketing and communications peers to update your company profile on LinkedIn, including information on career opportunities. Identify ways to incorporate graphics and video to tell a compelling story.
  • Share information through company updates that demonstrate your management best practices, community involvement, even awards your organization has won. Don’t stop there; share latest trends and information that will promote your company as an industry thought leader.
  • Enlist company employees to help tell your story, because your “talent acquisition” team isn’t just HR but every employee of the organization. Encourage staff, particularly leaders of the organization, to follow the company on LinkedIn. They can share company updates, promote job openings, and perhaps even describe their own experiences working for the company.
  • While you’re at it, help employees polish up their own LinkedIn profiles. It seems counterintuitive to support an initiative that might make your employees more attractive to other employers. But remember, someone evaluating your organization as a place to work isn’t just looking at your company page: they’re also judging the caliber of talent you’ve already hired.
  • Engage with your audience. Creating a dialogue with your followers will lead to more interest in your organization, but always remember to keep it authentic. People usually lose interest in obvious marketing ploys.
  • Post career opportunities using company updates. The benefit of a network such as LinkedIn is that your posts are likely to reach your followers’ second- and third-degree connections, expanding the reach of your message for very little cost.
  • Be prepared to invest time in keeping your company page up-to-date. Don’t let it languish with stale information. And don’t forget to track your branding results. What’s working? Is the number of followers growing? How about the percentage of company posts that get shared?

An employer’s reputation can be a major influencer in deciding where to work. These tips will get you started on the path of leveraging your employment brand through your company’s LinkedIn presence.