Growing to Better Meet the Needs of Our Members

CO UT.BlogOn October 1, 2015, Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) merged with the Employers Council (EC) in Salt Lake City to form the nation’s largest employers association.

“Working together, we believe we can bring our members greater insights into the issues that impact organizations in Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, and the other states in our region,” said MSEC President & CEO Mike Severns. “Our combined acumen will enable us to respond to critical regional issues like immigration, marijuana, and wage and hour regulations in ways that better serve our members.”

MSEC was founded in 1939 as the Colorado Employers Council. It was one year after the Fair Labor Standards Act went into effect, and just four years after the National Labor Relations Act passed. Unions were a major issue for employers, and membership in the Colorado Employers Council was limited to unionized companies for many years.

Meanwhile, in 1941, a group of Utah business leaders convened to promote positive relations between employers and employees. The group formed the Industrial Relations Council of Utah and became a trusted voice in the local business community.

Both companies flourished, working toward the same ends for the good of local businesses, adding human resources expertise, surveys, top-notch training, and a host of other services over the years and decades.

Together, the two associations boast some 4,300 member employers. Members will enjoy access to 52 employment law attorneys and 56 human resources consultants in five offices: Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix/Scottsdale, and Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The two entities will maintain all of their current offices, and for the time being, their distinct names. Over the coming months, MSEC will continue to roll out new services while updating its website for the best possible membership experience.

“This merger is great news for our members, potential members, and employees as we continue our mission of providing professional, cost-effective resources for employers,” said Monica Whalen, EC President & CEO. “Our organization is now in a better position to deliver real-time assistance to employers across multiple states, so they can navigate the continuously evolving HR issues of today’s demanding environment.”