Five Things You May Not Know About EMPACT – Suicide Prevention Center

  1. EMPACT was founded in 1987 to provide much needed suicide prevention, treatment, and crisis intervention services for the greater Phoenix area. EMPACT’s services have grown over the years to provide a full range of behavioral health services. Last year they provided over 9,000 mobile team crisis interventions, answer over 40,000 crisis hotline calls, and provide outpatient counseling services to over 12,000 adults and children.
  1. Around-the-clock crisis hotlines are available for callers who are feeling suicidal, find themselves or a family member in a crisis, have been a victim of sexual assault or domestic violence, or need a referral for services.
  1. EMPACT’s Rally Point Arizona Navigator Program provides services specifically for military veterans and their family members to connect them with needed services, resources, and support. Their Rally Point Navigators have firsthand experience navigating veteran’s benefits and support systems.
  1. EMPACT conducts Survivor Support groups for family members and friends recovering from the death by suicide of someone close. These groups are available at locations in Phoenix and Tucson. Any survivor is encouraged to attend.
  1. EMPACT provides training on suicide awareness and prevention, along with many other behavioral health topics, to schools, businesses, community and human service agencies.


EMPACT Resources:

24 Hour Crisis Hotline: (480) 784-1500.

Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence Hotline: (480) 736-4949

Outpatient Counseling Services: (480) 784-1514

Rally Point Navigator Services: (480) 532-5191.

Survivors of Suicide Support Groups: (480) 784-1514, ext. 1108.

Training programs: (480) 784-1514, ext. 1219.