Arizona: Got New Hires to Train? Job Training Program is OPEN

Did you know the Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) administers a Job Training Program? This job-specific grant program is designed to meet the training needs of employers, increase the skill and wage levels of employees, and create new jobs. Program grant funds can be used in Arizona to supplement eligible training costs for new or existing employees. This grant is a job-specific, reimbursable grant that supports the design and delivery of customized training plans for employers creating new jobs or increasing the skill and wage levels of current employees. The competitive bid process is now open for New Employee Training grants with a deadline for submitting applications coming up quickly – October 14, 2015.

Click here for more information about the program and to get started by accessing the “New Employee Training Application – Round 1” form on the ACA’s Electronic Application System (also known as “EASY”).

For more information you can also contact the Job Training Program Manager Cindy Grogan at