Performance Appraisals: 360-Degree View

Performance appraisals are a Human Resources staple. If done properly, they can help guide employees through a successful career. But done improperly, they can create mistrust, frustration, and lawsuits. I wanted to know all the ways MSEC helps with performance appraisals, so I spoke to some of my colleagues.

I first spoke with Heather Shockey, Director of Outsourced Consulting Services. She explained that MSEC has sample performance appraisals available on our website to members as a part of their membership. She also explained that if members have questions about creating their own, our Human Resources consultants can guide them through the process. Of course, we can create an entire system for members on a for-fee basis.

Sue Wolf, Director of Surveys, explained that we survey our members to mine data on details such as when and how they conduct performance appraisals and whether it’s done concurrently with a salary increase.  This information can help members determine whether their practices are typical, what other practices are used by employers, and what the current trends are.

When using performance appraisals as a professional development tool, Evan Abbott, Director of Organizational Development and Learning, suggested employers also consider the 360 Profiler. This is a tool that helps managers and supervisors understand how they are perceived at work. Coupled with a coach, also available at MSEC, this tool can help a supervisor or manager grow and become a leader in the organization.

Chad Orvis, Director of Specialized Legal Services, helps many employers dealing with legal claims and feels it is critical the performance appraisal reflect reality. When helping members with such claims, he must often justify a proper termination for poor performance because the performance appraisals show the employee was a good performer! Of course, if something out of the ordinary happens, like a complaint of sexual  harassment, the findings in an investigation can overcome inflated performance appraisals.

Approaching this common Human Resources function from multiple perspectives is just one way MSEC  shows you the big picture without leaving out the details. Be sure and look for articles with 360° views in upcoming magazines.