Member Profile: Water for People

Water For People is an international nonprofit working across nine countries to bring safe water and sanitation to 4 million people. For this Denver-based nonprofit, it isn’t just about building wells, installing toilets, and setting up pumps, but creating long-lasting water and sanitation infrastructure by working with community members, governments, and business owners, to find out how they live and what they need to feel healthy, safe, empowered, and successful.

Water For People currently works in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and India. The organization strives to employ local community members who know the culture, language, and people they serve. Over the years, they’ve found that this targeted, countrylevel approach is the most effective and efficient way to effect change.

Water For People doesn’t just work in any country or region. Instead, it takes into account multiple factors: community motivation, costs, the availability of a trustworthy NGO partner, the support of local government, and a safe environment. To ensure system sustainability, Water For People requires a commitment and investment (labor, materials, and expertise) from the beneficiary community.

Water For People’s country coordinators carefully target specific districts (county-sized) within their countries where work will be focused. The goal is to bring 100 percent coverage in water and sanitation within each region, and then replicate this model in new districts.

Water For People’s Everyone Forever model seeks to provide every family, every school, and every clinic in the areas where it works with reliable access to safe water for generations to come. This means working to reach every single person—the most vulnerable, hardest to reach, and marginalized. When it comes to reaching Forever, Water For People commits to 10 years of country-level monitoring to address inevitable issues with each system and ensure that the communities have the capacity to maintain them.

Water For People is the American Water Works Association designated charity of choice and is also endorsed by the Water Environment Federation, the Water Quality Association, the National Association of Water Companies, the National Association of Clean Water Agencies, and the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies.
Thank you, Water For People, for being a member since 2006.

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