We are Thankful!

ThanksgivingWe are proud to be serving 3,900 members as MSEC and EC join forces, and during this time of giving thanks, we want to give thanks to you, our members.

T is for the trust you have in us that we humbly work towards earning each day
H is for the happiness in becoming acquainted with you over the years as we work more closely together
A is for applauding your efforts to be Effective Successful Employers
N is for never-ending source of interesting topics and situations we hear about from you that helps us to learn and grow
K is for the knowledge you have given us about your organizations and what is important to you
S is for the smiles we have when work with you in a variety of setting, be it in the classroom or otherwise and enjoy fun and laughter as well as important topics of the day.

Please enjoy your Thanksgiving knowing how much we value our relationship with you.