New Technology at MSEC

We are excited to announce that during the week of December 7, MSEC will migrate to a new associated management system to help us serve members more quickly and easily.

For example, with the new system, if you call MSEC and your phone number is in our system, your membership information will populate our computer monitors without the extra step of looking it up in our current database.

However, there will be a few slight “growing pains” in early December. For example, from December 1 through 6, you’ll be unable to access “My Account” from the website, although this will not impact your password. During this period, you will also be unable to update your census information.

Once December 7 rolls around, “My Account” access will return with your usual password. You will also be able to register for classes online and pay with a credit card, simplifying the process dramatically. Of course, you’ll still have the option of speaking to someone or having an invoice sent.

The new system will also streamline and improve the census process with our new Census Wizard, enabling you to update your census information online and quickly and easily authorize new employees to access MSEC services. You’ll also be able to automatically track class participants to help you easily create training plans for your employees.

The new system will send invoices for training at MSEC facilities when you register, unless you pay by credit card. If you have MSEC come to your location, MSEC will send an invoice after registration, with another invoice for any expenses or additional charges after the class is held.

Because the system begins invoicing in December, if you have already signed up for a class to be held after that date, please expect to receive an invoice shortly after the beginning of December. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Our toll-free number is 800.884.1328.