Merger News from UT President, Monica Whalen

As EC and MSEC continue coming together to deliver more, we are happy to announce that both association’s websites will soon be merging into one!  In January, EC’s website will merge into MSEC’s site,  Members of EC will soon be able to log into MSEC’s website to access exclusive members-only information.  EC members will continue to have access to valuable tools such as our helpful toolkits, forms, policies, reference guides, and AnswersNow.  But EC members will also have access to new content, including:

  • Employment Law Resource: The Blue Book – an expansive and informative guide on employment law for both private and public employers
  • Employee Handbook Planning Guide – a detailed guide that takes you through the employee handbook planning and updating process
  • FAQs – answers to over 35 topics we frequently receive questions about
  • FYIs – white papers on over 30 employment law, labor law, and HR topics
  • Health Care Reform Learning Zone – an informative information panel covering details and requirements of health care reform

Plus more!  EC members who have elected MSEC transition membership will also have full access to all survey data.   The merging of our website means EC members have 24/7 access to even more information and resources.  Keep checking your email for more details about EC’s and MSEC’s website coming together to deliver more!