MSEC to Use Reverse Classroom Format in New Leadership Program, The Intentional Leader, Debuting in 2016

If you’re familiar with the term “Reverse Classroom” or “Flipped Classroom,” it’s likely you heard it from a grad student, or perhaps an elementary school student whose fourth grade class is taught in this new way. This trend in learning started in academia and is quickly infiltrating into other areas of education. Continuing Education seems to be one of the last to adopt the method, but it’s catching on there, as well.

What is “Reverse Classroom” or “Flipped Classroom”?  Participants are exposed to the content material outside of class, usually through video presentations, and then come to the group learning sessions already familiar with the material. They are essentially engaging in the lower levels of cognitive work (gaining knowledge and comprehension in terms of Bloom’s Taxonomy) in advance, and then they focus on higher levels of cognitive work (application, analysis, and creating) during class time with the instructor and peers. The instructor can assess comprehension and focus on things needing more clarification in class. This approach provides more time to move the learner to a higher level of application.

What are the benefits? It provides a more personalized learning environment where learners are able to study the content at their own pace and time and revisit it as needed until they comprehend. Instructors are also able to adjust their support to each person’s learning style.

According to Joseph Morris, Director of Research and Analysis for e.Republic, a recent national survey from the Center for Digital Education shows that this approach can produce significant learning gains. Not only is there improved mastery, but also improved retention. There is higher student/teacher engagement and effectiveness and more interactivity, discussion, and collaboration in the classroom.  Students attitudes toward learning tend to positively improve as well.

How will MSEC use this method? Before beginning development of The Intentional Leader, aimed at senior leadership development, MSEC asked how much time executives could invest in the classroom. The overwhelming response was “eight hours per month.” To meet member needs and offer cutting-edge learning, MSEC decided to incorporate the Reverse Classroom methodology into this new high-profile program  and plans to adapt it to other programs, as well.

This methodology will allow leaders to spend only one full day in class a month because they will be able to study the material ahead of time. Because of that, the eight hours of classroom time will be dedicated to discussion, exercises, application and creative uses of the learning, supported by a group of peers and faculty. In The Intentional Leader, content will be delivered via video presentation using a new online process. This online platform will also allow for sharing within the cohort of ideas, questions, and applications that spring from  learning. In addition, there will be regular phone calls with small groups and faculty to further reinforce, apply, and share learning.

MSEC aims to stay ahead of the curve on new employee development materials and methodologies for  members. We invite you to explore this innovative opportunity further by emailing or calling the Organizational Development and Learning Department at 800.884.1328.