Training of Your Choice On Demand

Did you know that MSEC offers training of your choice on demand?  Our team of management consultants, HR professionals, and attorneys is available to deliver high-quality training on your terms!

We created our Training on Demand service to meet the needs of our members who are too far from one of our locations to send employees to our public classes, but have too few employees to train (i.e., less than 10) to make our on-site training affordable.

With Training on Demand, you choose the class, tell us how many employees you want to train, provide the location, and select a time. MSEC will work with you to schedule a date. Then, we will market the class to other MSEC members in your area to generate enough participation to ensure delivery of the class. Ten or more registered participants are required.

Training on Demand lets you choose any classes taught by MSEC staff, excluding conferences. Access MSEC’s Training Catalog at The offerings include our time-tested courses that remain relevant year after year and new classes to meet the changing needs of our membership.

We believe Training on Demand will help you get the training you need for your employees while making  the most of your training resources.

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