Multi-Rater Performance Evaluation

Mountain States Employers Council (MSEC) currently offers a 360 Review  Survey that allows members to customize the process to fit their needs. We have a new survey platform that will allow us to customize the process even further  to give our tool a fresh look with the same valuable data.

Our new Multi-Rater Performance Evaluation tool will allow members to customize the questions that are asked, choose and customize the relationship of who will be completing the survey, compare previous year(s) data (if applicable), compare company-wide data (if applicable), and view the results instantly once the survey has been closed.

With this tool, you are given a report that reflects how the raters evaluated the performance of the individual being evaluated compared to how they rated themselves. This process allows us to determine if there is a gap between self-perception and the perception of others who participated in the survey. We are able to show the differences and/or similarities in a variety of different ways with the new platform. Here is an example:








It is the same tool with a different name, look, and feel. Call Outsourced Consulting Services for more details at 800.884.1328 or email