Five Tips to Combat Eight Forces Stealing Your Talent

A recent Harris Poll/ CareerBuilder survey revealed that 21 percent of American workers are “determined” to find a job with a new employer in 2016. Even worse, 30 percent of Millennials (the largest single demographic in the workforce) expect a new job. Scary numbers for any organization relying on talented employees to achieve important goals in 2016! What’s driving these numbers? Dr. Travis Bradberry, author of “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”, asserts an unhappy relationship with a manager is most likely to encourage employees to quit their jobs. Taking into consideration the survey results and Dr. Bradberry’s perspective, these forces will try to steal your talented employees in 2016!

Pull forces make another employer more attractive and are not within your control:

  • Higher salary, better benefits
  • Exciting new career opportunities
  • Organizational Culture
  • Location

Push forces encourage employees to seek employment elsewhere and are fully within your control:

  • Under-appreciation
  • Dysfunctional work relationships
  • Overly stressful workload
  • Lack of control and input

Tips to combat internal “Push” forces and repurpose “Pull” forces into Retention tools:

  • Challenge leaders to provide learning and growth opportunities for employees at all levels; seek new ways to empower and positively challenge employees.
  • Nurture a culture of coaching among all supervisors; clearly define new expectations and provide on-going training and support to help them succeed.
  • Honestly self-evaluate to identify organizational deficiencies and tackle. Use an external source for coaching and organizational evaluation if internal expertise needs support.
  • Identify experienced staff to mentor others; if they accept this role, provide training and empower them to innovate and move forward with their ideas.
  • Pick and choose your battle carefully! Focus your time, energy and resources on those areas that are most likely to provide successful retention results.

Is retaining talented employees a priority for your organization in 2016? MSEC can help members with a variety of resources:

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  • Classes for leaders, supervisors, and teams
  • Organizational development, coaching and consulting services

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