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What are other organizations reporting for mileage reimbursement? Do organizations provide paid time off for employees to volunteer? How often are paydays? How often do organizations review salary ranges? What types of incentive/bonuses programs are offered?

These are just a few questions answered in the 2015 Miscellaneous Benefits and Pay Practices Survey – Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming. This survey provides data from 458 organizations located in Metropolitan Denver/Boulder, Northern Colorado, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Resort Areas, the Western Slope, and Wyoming. The Arizona edition has 47 organizations located throughout Metropolitan Phoenix, Tucson, and other regions throughout the state.

Other topics included in this report are: Hiring/Employment Practices, Review Period for New Hires, Hours of Work, Performance Appraisals, Communication Methods/Practices, and Employer Sponsored Programs. This survey also includes questions on Pay Practices, including Incentives/Bonuses, Overtime, Compensation Administration, and Severance Pay.

The Arizona, Wyoming, and Colorado editions are published on the website. The Colorado and Wyoming data are also published by industry type and employment size. You can view this information by using your login credentials, and then clicking on “Survey Results” from the Member Home page.

Notice of Surveys Being Conducted

2016 Personnel Pulse Survey – Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming

The online questionnaire invitation for the Personnel Pulse Survey has been sent to organizations via email with their survey access code. This survey will provide data for topics such as 2015 turnover, job absence rates, and cost of benefits.

2016 Benchmark Compensation Survey – Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming

The questionnaire for the 2016 Benchmark Compensation Survey for Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming employers was mailed out in early January. This survey includes positions that cross all industries in the following job families: general support, financial, human resources, legal, sales/marketing, engineering, production, procurement, information technology, and executive. We have added five levels of Sales/Application Engineer in the Engineering, Scientific, and Technical Classification job family.

2016 Public Employers Survey

This survey contains compensation data across several areas of the public sector. There are six new positions added to the survey this year, as well as three positions that have a job description or title change. This survey also collects step pay range information for police and fire positions.

Want to participate in any of these surveys?

Participants can go to the website and download the job descriptions, questionnaire, rate sheet, and general information form for completion. These documents are located on the Survey Questionnaires page in the Survey section of the website.

As always, it is the participation of our members that help makes MSEC surveys the number one data source for the region. Thank you!

Salary Survey Job Matching Workshop

February 5,  2016 – 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.


MSEC, Denver Office

Are you confused about how to match your organization’s positions to the jobs in MSEC’s Benchmark Compensation Survey? If so, join us for this hands-on workshop where MSEC Surveys Staff will assist attendees with matching jobs in their organization to positions in MSEC’s Benchmark Compensation Survey for Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming. This session is especially helpful to individuals completing the survey questionnaire for the first time.

To register for this event, please visit the Seminar Catalog section of our website, email, or call 303-223-5491.