Oh HBR, how I love thee!

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) is a dependably excellent publication, with mostly easy to read articles backed up by solid data and research. I truly love this publication and look forward to learning something new every month it arrives here at the MSEC Library! The January- February 2016 edition is a true embarrassment of riches for anyone striving to understand and manage the “hidden world” of emotional complexities that influence the workplace.  Here’s an overview of just a few of the articles I found exceptionally helpful for most workplaces:

  • Manage Your Emotional Culture: Is it too “touchy feely” to consider feelings in the workplace? Research shows it has a major impact on organizational outcomes worthy of “C Suite” attention.
  • Collaborative Overload: Encouraging lots of collaboration among employees and departments is an assumed “best practice” to break down silos and enhance results. But what are the limits?
  • Can Your Employees Speak Freely? Effective communication in the workplace, especially upward feedback from the “boots on the ground”, is essential to foster a high performing organization. Research findings about what actually works may surprise you.
  • The Innovative Power of Criticism: Brainstorming is not good enough; this article offers thoughtful discussion of what and how to effectively innovate.

If it were financially possible, I’d mail a copy of it to every MSEC member to share with their leadership teams! Alas, that is not possible. The next time you visit MSEC in Denver, drop by the Library and take a look at our five plus year collection of the HBR. Many HBR articles are cataloged monthly in the MSEC Library to make the collection searchable for members after logging in at www.MSEC.org .

If visiting the Denver MSEC library isn’t possible, here’s a few options:

  • Visit a newsstand or order online at HBR.org and purchase your own copy for $16.95.
  • HBR typically allows you to read a few past articles for free on their website; current edition articles may appear on their website in a couple months or so.
  • Visit your local public library and put your library card to good use!

Contact me with questions at jmcdonough@msec.org .