How Attractive Are You?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we all want to feel special and wanted–even employers. Attracting and retaining valued employees is an important goal for all employers. And of course, the current Bell of the Ball is the Millennial generation. That youngest cohort of 80 million has become a significant market for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Currently the largest single generational demographic, attracting and retaining this generation poses a bit of a challenge to employers. If recent research by the training and development group Grovo is any indication, many employers won’t get to celebrate a third anniversary with many of their newest employees. It is estimated that 60 percent of millennials are staying with jobs for less than three years.

Why so fickle? According to their research, Millennials are quick to leave relationships (that includes employers) that do not align with their core values. These include:

  • A path for professional development;
  • Meaningful work;
  • Autonomy and a flexible work environment;
  • A constant stream of communication.

Regardless of how you feel about “these kids today,” Millennials will continue to be a coveted employee demographic that all employers will need to be able to attract. It might be time for a bit of a make-over if you’re going to get that second date.