Wanted: Work- Life Balance!

Afraid of losing high performing employees? Trying to attract the best new hires possible? Budget stretched thin?

A recent survey and other research suggests many employers can adjust workplace operations that tackle all three challenges by helping employees balance work-life demands. A Robert Half survey* of office professionals reveals over half of office professionals intend to improve their work-life balance in 2016; especially Millennials.

What’s driving this desire for enhanced work-life balance?

  • High performers are confident they can find work elsewhere if their current employer is not supportive of work-life balance.
  • Commuting times in traffic-choked metropolitan areas are getting longer.
  • Family needs (eldercare, childcare) increasingly place stress on employees.
  • Increasing appreciation for “down time” to pursue personal interests.
  • Technology offers worksite flexibility, but also encroaches on personal time.

Three low cost ways to support employee’s desire for work-life balance:

  • Offer scheduling flexibility, compressed schedules
  • Empower teams to eliminate time-wasting inefficient processes that lengthen work days.
  • Provide generous paid vacation allowances and encourage it be used!

To retain top performers and attract new talent in 2016, tweak work-life benefits to what they want!

*Press Release for Robert Half Survey