Five Things You May Not Know About mpowered

  1. Every year, mpowered’s coaches assist clients in reducing over $3 Million in debt.
  2. mpowered hasn’t always been the company’s name.  Founded in 2001 as Community Credit Counseling Services, mpowered has been changing the way people think, act, and feel about money by helping families and individuals build credit, increase savings, and reduce debt for 14 years.
  3. Clients can see an mpowered financial coach at 12 different locations around the Denver Metro Area including company headquarters in Lakewood.
  4. mpowered has a full list of financial education workshops and seminars that they can deliver through the Metro Area including credit building topics, understanding & managing student loans, as well as how to build an effective budget for everyday money management.
  5. mpowered is focused on collective impact by working collaboratively with private, public and nonprofit agencies by integrating financial coaching into existing programs focused on adult self-sufficiency, workforce development, and hunger alleviation. One example of this work is their partnership with the newly formed Denver Office of Financial Empowerment.