EEOC Issues Small Business Fact Sheet 

In an effort to aid small businesses in understanding their responsibilities as they relate to federal anti-discrimination laws, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Small Business Task Force has created a simple one-page fact sheet. This fact sheet is available in 30 different languages and links to other small-business resources available through the EEOC.

The Small Business Task Force, led by Commissioner Constance Barker, focuses on the needs of small businesses that lack human resources expertise or access to attorneys versed in employment law. Other aids in the works include YouTube videos aimed at answering questions commonly asked by small-business owners.

“It is our responsibility at EEOC to help businesses understand their legal obligations under the complex and ever-changing federal employment discrimination laws and regulations,” said Barker in a statement earlier this month. At MSEC, we share that mission!

To view the EEOC fact sheet, click here.