Q & A – March 28, 2016

Q. What is employment testing validation? How do I know if my test is validated?

A. Test validity refers to the extent to which a test accurately measures what it claims to measure. It also refers to the degree of evidence available supporting the interpretations of the tests scores for the intended purpose. There are many different aspects to validity including the way the test is developed, how the test is used, and how scores are interpreted. There is no one best way to conduct a validity study. Ultimately, combined evidence from multiple sources is recommended.

It is best to consult a testing professional when questions like these arise. Professionals working in the testing arena are expected to have advanced training in domains such as Industrial/Organizational Psychology. At MSEC, we have testing professionals that can help you answer these questions, so that your tests are legally defensible and measure what you want them to measure – success in the job!