FMLA Updates

Poster: FMLA employers are required to prominently display a poster in their workplace to notify employees of their rights. A new April 2016 version is available, but this new version is not mandated. The February 2013 version of the FMLA poster is still good and can be used to fulfill the posting requirement. Unscrupulous poster vendors use marketing designed to convince you that your posters are out of date and may warn you to “update your posters now or face thousands of dollars in fines.”  The truth is that these are just clever gimmicks to trick you! Save yourself this headache; MSEC’s Poster Service offers Employment Law posters for all 50 States, plus DC, Puerto Rico and the Canadian provinces.  The Posters Update Service subscription automatically sends a new poster whenever a mandatory change occurs.  And we will never sell you a poster that you do not need! If you want to know if your posters are current or would like more information, click here, call 800.884.1328, or email at

Guide: The USDOL recently issued a new 76 page “Employers Guide to the Family and Medical Leave Act.” This is a useful high-level guide; for in-depth assistance, MSEC members have access numerous guides and are encouraged to call an MSEC Attorney or HR professional to discuss their own unique situations.