California Harassment Training

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) requires that employers with 50 or more employees, regardless of state, provide sexual harassment prevention training to supervisors and managers who work in California every two years or within six months of becoming a supervisor or manager. The training must be at least two hours in length and be interactive.

As of April 1, 2016, new regulations require employers or trainers to maintain records of all written questions received and written guidance provided; copies of training materials; and names of employees attending with sign-in sheets, copies of certificates of attendance, and recorded materials that compose the training, for a period of two years. Additionally, the training must include: the supervisor’s obligation to report instances of harassment or retaliation to HR or similar company officials, strategies for preventing harassment, and remedial steps to correct harassing behavior.

In 2015, requirements for sexual harassment prevention training were broadened to include abusive conduct in the workplace. If you need help, email me at

MSEC has a recorded webinar that is interactive and meets the requirements of the new FEHA amendments. This webinar can be accessed by managers and supervisors at their convenience and stopped or paused when necessary. The recorded webinar is a cost-effective way to meet the mandatory training requirements and prevent sexual harassment, discrimination, and abusive conduct in the workplace. Call 800.884.1328 or email for more information.