Are Your Wages and Benefits Competitive

To recruit, motivate, and retain qualified employees, you need to know what other companies in Utah are paying.  Purchase MSEC’s Salary Surveys today to determine competitive market placement and make informed decisions for your organization. MSEC’s surveys collect and report data on a wide range of positions.
Two new surveys publish this month: 2016 Utah Benchmark Compensation Survey and 2016 Information Technology Compensation Survey.  Place your order today for Utah specific salary data!

Surveys can be purchased separately or purchased together.  As a member and survey participant, buy one survey for $295 + tax and if you did not participate, your cost is $425.

Purchasing a combination of surveys saves your organization BIG – 42% BIG! As a member and survey participant, you can purchase a survey package and get two surveys for $345 (only $50 for the second survey).  If you did not participate, your cost is $500 (only $75 for the second survey).  Please note that survey package pricing is only available upon the initial survey purchase, so if you think you want a combination of surveys, then order them up front to save money because if you add another survey later, you will pay full price. For a list of surveys available for purchase separately and as a survey package, click here.

Use our data to benchmark your organization against others, design a competitive total rewards strategy, attract, and retain your best people. Contact MSEC’s Surveys Department at or 800.884.1328 with any questions or to place your survey order today!