Healthy Attorney-Member Relationships

A recent SHRM article discusses the important factors of a healthy relationship between an employer and their Employment Law attorney. It offers excellent food for thought and prompts the question: How does MSEC create healthy attorney – member relationships?

MSEC’s attorneys are just a phone call away for members who need legal assistance.  When possible and appropriate, MSEC attorneys visit members at their work sites to make a personal connection and learn about daily operations, workforce challenges and business priorities. This accessibility builds a deeper level of trust and connection, an essential ingredient to a healthy attorney-member relationship. For MSEC attorneys, this helps them connect legal guidance with the complexities of member’s unique situations.

MSEC members enjoy access to a team of dedicated employment law attorneys who work together to provide guidance and risk mitigation. With a constantly evolving complex world of employment law, every attorney must stay updated and aware of these changes. MSEC attorneys collaborate and consult each other frequently on member needs to gauge and challenge each other to identify risk mitigation and effective employer options.

Additionally, MSEC attorneys collaborate with HR and ODL (Organizational Development and Learning) professionals when a member’s legal issue requires a more holistic business perspective. This unique multi-disciplinary approach helps MSEC members successfully navigate challenging “real world” workplace scenarios.

MSEC’s mission is “Successful, effective employers” and this drives everyone at MSEC, including the attorney group. They are not focused on becoming Partner by achieving billing goals and charging ever higher fees, or “landing“ a big new client account. Instead, they are focused on delivering the best value for membership dues; advising members competently and with clarity to support regulatory compliance, minimize risk and achieve organizational objectives. MSEC attorneys are equally committed to all members, no matter how large or small.